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All blockchains strive to balance three concepts: Scalability, Security and Decentralization. The Metaverse Dualchain will push the boundaries of all three, providing near-instant transactions and comprehensive security while remaining decentralized and community-driven.

This is accomplished by introducing a second blockchain, the DNA Chain, based upon the Delegated Proof-of-Stake concensus algorithm.

The DNA Token

Running parallel to the Metaverse ETP chain, the DNA blockchain will facilitate extremely high transactions per second and Lightning channels making use of the pre-existing relationships between nodes.

DNA will support advanced decentralized applications and exchanges, and make extensive use of Oracles to bring real-world data on-chain. Metaverse Smart Tokens and Avatars will be supported across both chains.



Addressing the Challenges of Scalability

The DNA chain provides a very high number of transactions per second, meaning delays and increased fees do not become a hindrance when the network sees increased activity. In practice this also allows for far greater input by Oracles, as well as better decentralized exchanges and other smart contracts.

Unparalleled Security Across Two Blockchains

The Dualchain operates using three different consensus algorithms – Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Stake and Delegated Proof-of-Stake - across the two chains. Attempting an attack on such a system would require infinitely greater complexity than an attack on any one consensus model – a 51% attack on Proof-of-Work, for example.

Integrated Lightning Channels

DNA makes use of the pre-existing relationships between Super, Regular and Child Nodes to facilitate instant transactions. If a sender and receiver have a channel with any node in the system, they will benefit from Lightning transactions at a far lower fee.

A Standard for Interoperability

The DNA chain is designed as a standard, to be deployed across other platforms when desired. This means that decentralized applications (DAPPs) can be used cross-platform, and can offer much needed standardization in the industry.


The DNA chain is governed entirely by the community,
rewarding all participants for their roles in the network.

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